Maple Water is the Next Coconut Water!

Mis à jour : 30 déc. 2020

Everyday, we see new products on the market fulfilling new needs and adapting to new realities. As an example, for Quebec and Ontario, drinking maple sap as a healthy hydration is a relatively new concept. As a result of the growing demand and enthusiasm for maple water based drinks, spring season is not only just about hockey and curling anymore. Spring season is also all about maple water harvesting.

Maple water is essentially maple sap that, each year, flows from the roots of the trees up through the trunk. The sap is usually boiled down and concentrated to make syrup, but it can also be consumed as a fresh beverage.

"Coconut water is predicted by 2021 to be a $5-billion-a-year [(U.S.) industry]. Maple water has been touted as the next success story in the plant waters."

Maple Water is organic and pure. It naturally contains minerals, electrolytes and just enough sugars.

Consumers are starting to look at beverages as more than just refreshment and hydration. They're starting to look at them as a meal supplement. So the hydration category is now growing thanks to healthier, organic, plant-based and functional beverages.

If you haven't tried already, maple water is a great alternative to sweet sports drinks and tapped water. It provided excellent hydration benefits.

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