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Mis à jour : 30 juin 2020

(Radio-Canada, 2018 , Translated from French)

Since we know how to sterilize and pasteurize it, maple water is gaining popularity and making its way into supermarkets here and elsewhere. Thanks to this enthusiasm, the Quebec company Maple 3 is experiencing sustained growth and its products are now sold all over the world.

"This is a market with great potential," says Yannick Leclerc, responsible for business development. Since coconut water is made into a multi-billion market, there is no reason why maple water should not become one of these markets. "

The company, which has 300,000 taps in the Greater Quebec City area, produces nearly one million liters annually.

"We are already exporting to Europe and Asia, but our priority is our priority now, it's really to make it a Canadian success," added Mr. Leclerc. If companies like Maple 3 have been able to develop, it is largely due to massive investments in the early 2000s. Thanks to this commitment, the maple syrup industry finally found a way to sterilize the product.

Natural hydration

Little is known about the benefits of maple water, the entrepreneur says.

"Maple water is a natural source of hydration. It is water that is filtered by the roots of the tree. Water contains electrolytes, minerals and natural sugar. Nature has created a product that is perfect for active people looking for a healthy way to stay hydrated. There is a lot of educational work to be done," said Yannick Leclerc.

To continue to promote the product, the Quebec City company is involved in sporting events to target this clientele who likes to stay hydrated.

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