Maple Water, a Good Hydration when Cycling

Great article from Sur deux roues on Maple 3 maple water and its use during physical activity.

"For those who are looking for an alternative to commercial sports drinks, [...] products made in Quebec, in addition to being organic, natural, with no added sugar and no preservatives".

As a sportsman, we are looking for solutions to keep hydrated. If like me, you are looking for an alternative to commercial sports drinks and that these days, you are also looking for products made in Quebec, in addition to being organic, natural, no added sugar and no preservative, Maple 3 , pure maple water, meets all your needs!

What do we drink with Maple 3?

Filtered maple water ... In the spring, during the sugaring season, the freeze-thaw period, naturally filtered and fortified water flows from the tree. This is when Maple 3 water is harvested from known maple syrup producers to have the best quality water on the market. If you're from Quebec, and you've been to a sugar shack before, there are no surprises in this statement. Thereafter, before being bottled, the company proceeds to the complete elimination of impurities by a pasteurization process, keeping that the best of the harvested maple water: minerals, electrolytes and flavor natural product.

The Benefits of Drinking Maple Water

Maple 3 is a perfect drink for endurance athletes. It can be drunk during an effort, because although it is a little lower calorie compared to other drinks, it is filled with natural sugars.

It's a very hydrating drink, and God knows that hydration is the workhorse of all cyclists in the summer. As you probably know, a 1.5% drop in hydration results in a 10% drop in energy. Maple 3 contains natural minerals which allow athletes to facilitate the absorption and retention of liquids and to replenish their stocks of electrolytes lost in perspiration during exercise.

Finally, maple water contains antioxidants that protect from oxidative stress, which leads to accelerated aging of tissues.

The taste of Maple 3

On the palate, Maple 3 maple water has a fairly subtle taste. Although it tastes better than water, Maple 3 is not overly sweet like some ready-made drinks, so it shouldn't make you stomach upset or overly thirsty. cut it off with water if you don't like drinks with a strong sweet taste. It is perfect to be consumed during exercise in your cans, as well as after exercise, well crushed in the living room or on your patio.

In short, tell us in the comments section what you think of maple water, if you have already tried it. We'd love to hear from you and see if you enjoyed it as much as we did.


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