Are you as festive as we are?

Mis à jour : 13 nov. 2019

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If you like tea and if you are looking for cool and beautiful drinks to make, this simple recipe is for you. Simple, delicious and just beautiful !


Maple 3 maple water + Monsieur T Festif Tea + Lemon


1. Heat maple water up to about 90 degres.

2. Infuse the delicious « Festif » tea from Monsieur T with Maple 3 maple water.

* It is a delicious mixt of Chinese Sencha green tea, Goji berries, citronella, pomegrenate apple and blueberry flowers.

3. Decorate with your favorite flowers.


Here is a recipe really low in calories made with one of the best water in the world: pure organic maple sap.

Maple 3 maple water , Organic maple water , Maple 3 , Monsieur T

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