Maple Water Recipes

Maple Water Holiday Cocktail

Maple Water Cocktails for the Holidays

MAPLE WATER COCKTAIL - THE RED DECEMBER ✨🌹 INGREDIENTS 5 oz of tequila of your choice (optional if you want a non-alcoholic version) 5 oz of orange liqueur 0.75 oz of cranberry and strawberry syrup 0.75 oz of fresh lime juice 1 can of our lime sparkling maple water Decorate with few fresh cranberries & a dehydrated lime PREPARATION 🧊 Place all liquid ingredients, except Lime Sparkling Maple Water, in a shaker filled with ice. 🥃 Shake the mixture for 20 seconds. Then filter into a highball-type glass. Top it off with our sparkling maple lime water. 🍁 Garnish with fresh cranberries and...

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Sparkling Maple Water Cocktail & Mocktail - Lime & Peach

Colorful Sparkling Maple 3 Mocktail - Alcohol-Free

Colorful Sparkling Maple 3 Mocktail (Alcohol-Free) INGREDIENTS  1 orange 2 tsp. fine maple sugar Ice cubes ¼ cup cranberry juice ⅔ cup of mango or lime sparkling maple water ¼ cup orange juice without pulp PREPARATION 🍊 Wet the edge of the glass with an orange slice 🍁 Spread the maple sugar on a plate and dip the rim of the glass until the sugar sticks 🥃 In the glass, add all the remaining ingredients and mix 🍊 Garnish with an orange slice. For more flavor, dehydrate it in the oven!   Cheers! 🥂 #drinkbetter  

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Maple Water & Whiskey Cocktail

Maple Water Cocktail - Whiskey 3 🍁

Cocktail Whiskey 3  🍁  INGREDIENTS 1 oz (30 ml) vodka 1 oz (30 mL) Canadian whiskey liqueur (with or without maple syrup) 1/3 can of the original sparkling maple water Pure maple water ice cubes PREPARATION 🧊 In a shaker filled with ice cubes, add all the ingredients except the sparkling maple water. 🥂  Shake vigorously for about 10 seconds 🥃  Filter the contents of the shaker into an old-fashioned style glass (you can cool the glass beforehand) 🍁 Add the sparkling maple water   Cheers! 🥂 #drinkbetter #maplewater #maple3  

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Maple Water cocktail for the holidays

Maple 3 New Year Cocktail – The Maple 75

Excellent maple water cocktail for the holidays. Mixing Maple 3 sparkling maple water with Prosecco is absolutely delicious!

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